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Ferro Detector (Cloud Magnet MRI Safety)

Cloud Magnet ferro Detector
  • Voice alarm function 1ms
  • Visual alarm function 0.3ms
  • High Sensitivity 2m
  • Bluetooth communication and network connection
  • Setup by APP software the system is flexible

System Specification
  • Prevent accidents by screening people entering the MRI scanner with advanced ferro detector.
  • Cloud Magnet Scanner is designed to provide a better approach to MRI Safety. Fast, Simple and highly effective.
  • Automatic detection of metallic items and ferromagnetic materials located on the person or inside the body that are considered dangerous.
  • Technology that filters and suppress alarms for safe items and alarm for mobile phones and non MRI compatible items.
  • Eliminate external interferences
  • Automatic channel search for configuration with installation software
  • Automatic technical function verification
  • Automatic Environmental noise compensation
  • Card capability for fast, simple and secure programming
  • Met-Identity technology identifies and signals the metal type in real time.
  • Precision bidirectional counter with automatic rescreeing compensation
  • Bluetooth interface

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