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CT Contrast Media Injector

ct contrast injector

We are the authorised distributors for the entire range of Sino MDT Contrast Injectors (CT/MRI/DSA)

  • SinoPower-S/D is a smart high pressure CT injector from Sino MDT, China. This is the only injector which has a unique real time pressure monitoring function. This feature reduces chances of swelling of vessels caused by vascular rupture and gives out an alarm and stops injection on occlusion.
  • Patented Direct Pressure Sensor Technology
  • The pressure injector also comes with standard touch screen based LCD operator panels on both sides (in stand and remote). All functions can be controlled by the remote panel.
  • Protection of air exhaustion confirmation to make sure of injection after exhausting air.
  • Good interaction with various scanning devices.
  • Anti leakage design protects the injector head from getting damaged by liquid.
  • Big wheels and hand holds for easy movement and fixing.

SinoPower – Dual Syringe High Pressure CT Scanner injector
  • Size of Syringe 200ml
  • Flow rate 0.1-10 ml/sec increments 0.1 ml/ sec
  • Pressure limit 100 to 300 psi increment 50 psi
  • KVO 0.1 mL/s
  • Scan Delay 0-600 seconds
  • Injection Delay 0-600 Seconds
  • Max. 8 Phases in each injection protocol
  • Max. 99 Protocols can be stored recalled and modified

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