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dsa injector

DSA Contrast Media Injector

High Pressure Contrast Injectors for DSA (Cath Labs) compatible with all Siemens, GE, Philips etc..

12.1 inch color LCD Control Display, Large Visual Angle, Graphic Interface

Specifications of DSA High-Pressure Injector
Model SinoAngio-1200
Syringe Single syringe
Size of syringe 150 ML sterile syringe
Injection Volume 0.1ML - Volume of syringe
Injection Delay 0~600 s
Injection Phases 1~8 Phases
Injection Protocol Upto 120 protocols
Tilt Lockout Rotate head to arm-down, minimize risk of air embolish
Control Console 12.1 inch real color touch LCD for both local and remote (Remote is optional)
ISI Synchronization of injection delay and scanning dealy
Pressure limit 100~1200 Psi
Flow rate 0.1mL/s`50.0mL/s
0.1mLs/ for 0.1mL/ssXs10.0mL/s
1mL/s for 10mL/s X<50.0mL/s

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