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MRI Contrast Media Injector

mri contrast injector

It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting. Neque porro quisquam est.

Unique display function
  • Injection head digital display the volume of contrast media

LED working status light
  • LED Show dark green or dark blue, means the system is in standby state
  • LED shows high light green or high light blue, means the system is in ready state
  • LED shows blink high light green or dlink hight light blue, Means the system is in injection state
  • LED shows blink red, means the system is in alarm

Specification of MRI High-Pressure-Injector
Model Sino MRI-A /AP Sino MRI-B/BP
Syringe Double
Size of syringe 65mL Sterile Syringe
Injection Volume 0.1mL~Volume of Syringe
Injection Delay 0~900 s
Injection Delay 0~900 s
Injection Phases 1-8 phases
Injection Protocol Upto 120 protocols
Pressure Limit 50~300 psi 1 psi increments
KVO 0.1ml Pulsed every 20~90s 1s increments default 30s
FLow Rate 0.1ml/s~10ml/s 0.1ml/s increments

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