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MiE Ecam Scintron Single & Dual Head Gamma Camera System

whole body gamma camera

MiE-Gamma-Camera for the Complete nuclear medicine diagnostic

  • Large rectangular digital detectors, FOV 53,3 cm x 38,7 cm
  • 59 Matched High Efficiency Performance Photomultiplier Tubes
  • The detector design permits caudal, cephalic and external rotation versatility, with variable-angle model offering 90° to 180° configurability
  • Compatible with existing x-ray system
  • Open gantry design conceived with minimal space requirements for all
  • whole-body, SPECT and planar studies
  • PHS with special ultra-thin imaging pallet (2,5 mm) improves image resolution for all procedures carrying patients up to 180 Kg.
  • Real-Time Infrared Body Contour System minimizes patient-to-detector distance for all whole-body and SPECT studies
  • High-resolution patient positioning monitor for optimal viewing
  • Choice of Collimators – LEHR, LEAP, HEGP, MEGP

Scintron Acquisition Module (SAM) to acquire all nuclear medicine studies

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Clinical Software, planar

Uptake measurement for:

  • Tc99m and J123/J131
  • Radioiodine test
  • Comparison of suppression

  • Clearance
  • Bubeck, Oberhausen, Tauxe, Gates and Winkler
  • Curve presentation
  • Perfusion
  • Lasix index
  • Sequence presentation
  • ROI-Function during acquisition
  • 2-Phase Scintigraphy
  • 3-Phase Scintigraphy
  • Comparison of two studies
  • Sacro-iliac joints
  • ROI-Functions
Whole Body:
  • 4 Views / Dual intensity
  • Max-Limit-Function
  • Zoom-Function
  • Whole Body-ROI
Myocard (planar):
  • First Pass
  • MUGA
  • Quantification of perfusion and ventilation
  • Multi image display
  • One- and More-Swallow-Technology
  • Condensed image
Salivary Gland:
  • Uptake and clearance
  • Curve presentation
  • Gallbladder-Ejection Fraction
  • Sequence presentation
  • Hepatobida-Analysis


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Reconstruction Software:
  • Filtered Back Projection (FBP)
  • Iterative Reconstruction (OSEM)
  • HOSP, OSEM, DROSEM 3D (optional)
Variable Slice Display:
  • Single study
  • Customized formats (editable)
  • Comparison of two studies (Rest/Stress)

Myocard, Bulls Eye, Software:
  • Quantification of gated and nongated studies
  • Automatic reorientation
  • Calculation of Polar Plots, Wall Thickening
  • Stress-Rest Comparison
  • Various film presentations
  • 3D Visualization
  • Normal Database Function (optional)
Maximum Intensity Projection:
  • Calculation and film presentation
Brain Quantification Software:
  • DaTSCAN, IBZM, Perfusion / HMPAO
  • Background, Peak value, Uniformity, Image scale
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The Deconvolution improves the signal to noise ratio with standardized parameters. Sharper contours will be displayed. The Deconvolution is available for the following Scintron-Programs: Bone, WholeBody and Multi display

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